Terms of use

Click view More to view our terms and conditions. Accept our Terms and Conditions by checking ‘I agree with the terms above’. To place an order, customers must accept our terms.

After accepting Zeroscraps terms, click Review Order.

This opens the Review Order page to check your order.


To complete your order, click ‘Submit Order’. The button message depends on your payment gateway (WorldPay, AliPay, PayPal). After confirming your order, you can modify and examine your billing/credit card information on the payment gateway page. Complete your payment.


After payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email with your order and invoice number.


For payment details, see How do I pay for my order?


For assistance or more information, email info@zeroscraps.com.au


Is an account required to order?

No account is needed to shop at Zeroscraps. You can maximize your Zeroscraps shopping experience by creating an account. Zeroscraps customer accounts save you from reentering delivery information for each purchase. You can also examine your order history and earn WebitCash®, our online customer rewards program, to pay for your next order.


What about delivery?

  1. Delivery costs how much?

Shipping quotes are created by a manager when you enter your shipping address at Checkout. In the Billing Information area of the Checkout page, feel shipping address for the latest shipping quotes.


  1. Orders are delivered how?

Zeroscraps exclusively utilizes reliable couriers and freight providers. We provide standard and fast shipping.


  1. When will I get my order?

Unless otherwise stated, most things ship during two weeks. If we cannot ship your order within 14 (fourteens) business days, we will contact you with your details and the expected shipment date.


  1. My order was delivered to the wrong address—what happens?

Incorrectly addressed orders are not Zeroscraps’s responsibility. We trust customers to provide accurate delivery addresses. Click ‘My Account’ on the top right of your screen to update your information. Go to the Shipping address’ tab and click edit to save your changed or edited contact and address information.

The consumer must pay to resend an order returned due to an inaccurate address.

Zeroscraps is not required to refund returned uncollected parcels. However, the customer can resend the parcel at their expense.


Do I pay customs or duty?

  1. Am I liable for recipient nation customs, tariffs, and taxes?

Customers must pay the recipient country’s tariffs and taxes. Shop Australia is not liable for customs delays or confiscations. Please see our Terms and Conditions for customs and delivery information.


  1. What will my customs fees be?

Zeroscraps ships DDU and cannot forecast your charges. The recipient country’s customs office sets your order’s duty price.


Can I cancel order?

To cancel my order, what should I do?


If you want to cancel your order or withdraw from the sale, email info@zeroscraps.com.au ships DDU and cannot forecast your charges. The recipient customs office sets your order’s duty price.

If your order has been dispatched, you cannot cancel or withdraw the sale.


Visit our Terms and Conditions page for sales transaction agreement details.


Can I return or refund a product?

  1. Return a product?

Yes, but email info@zeroscraps.com.au to register a return claim with a product photo. The faulty goods can be returned with a RA.  Product refunds for change of mind are not allowed. Customer ownership of all things begins upon delivery.


  1. Can I get a refund for returned items?

Yes, Zeroscraps refunds items only when they are returned.


  1. When my goods arrives broken, malfunctioning, or erroneous, what should I do?

Contact our customer support staff within 24 hours to request a ‘Return Claim Form’ if you receive the wrong, damaged, or faulty merchandise. Email info@zeroscraps.com.au Please attach a product photo. You will then receive a return to authorization number (RA) and instructions for returning the products.


  1. What happens when a product is out of stock?

If your products are temporarily unavailable or withdrawn by the manufacturer, we will notify you and provide you the option to wait. We may alternatively suggest an alternate product and offer a comparable exchange.


If your chosen goods is unavailable,  will return your purchase to your account. The refund process may take 14 business days.


My personal data is safeguarded how?

  1. Is online shopping safe?

Yes, Zeroscraps offers secure online shopping using the latest security technology. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol encrypts sensitive data from your computer to our server during payment processing. Data on Amazon Web Service LLC servers hosting Zeroscraps is safeguarded by firewalls.


  1. How safe are my personal data?

Zeroscraps strictly enforces privacy rules to protect your personal information. Your personal information will not be used without your approval by Zeroscraps. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more.


  1. Has Zeroscraps stored my credit card data?

For protection, Zeroscraps does not store credit card information. Zeroscraps payments are handled by the parties’ banks.


How to pay for my order?

Click Checkout when completed shopping. This opens Checkout.


Complete the Checkout page fields.


Carefully complete the Billing Information section. The payment gateway should match this part with your credit card information. Monthly credit card statements are sent to the billing address.


Select from the following ‘Payment Method’ options:






Online shoppers can choose World Pay, PayPal, or AliPay. Only customers at our actual E-shop can use Eftpos/Cash.


After choosing a payment gateway, click Review Order.


Visit the Review Order page.


You can go back or continue.


Click a payment gateway-specific button to continue. The text depends on your choice:


‘Pay using World Pay’


PayPal/Alipay ‘Submit Order’


Clicking the button opens the payment gateway page.



All major credit cards are accepted by WorldPay.


These are:


Diner Club



American Express

After choosing your card, All World Shops takes you to a secure payment page. Check or change your cardholder information here. If satisfied, click Make Payment.



If you chose PayPal, All World Shops’ PayPal website will open.


Paypal accepts:





American Express

Log in to PayPal and review your cardholder information before paying. Without a PayPal account, use the ‘Pay with a debit or credit card option’ and click Review and Continue. PayPal may need country of residence and date of birth for some regions. CNY, KRW, MYR, and ZWR are not accepted by PayPal.


If you have trouble paying, email info@zeroscraps.com.au


Zeroscraps does not store or disclose credit card information. The parties’ banks and payment gateways handle Zeroscraps payments.


Do prices include GST?

Yes—Prices are in the Australian Dollar (AUD) and include GST.

Contacting your customer service team: how?

For order questions, email info@zeroscraps.com.au You can simply fill out the Contact Us Form and our Customer Service Team will respond.


Please see our Contact Us page for country-specific office hours and phone numbers.


Change or recover my password?

  1. Lost my password? What do I do?

Click the ‘Request new password’ option under the User Login area on the left and input your email address to request a new password. Another password will be generated and emailed to you. Note that you must safeguard login and password information.


  1. How do I access/update my Account?

Click ‘My Account’ on the top right to view and edit your account information. Click the ‘Address Book’ tab and then ‘Edit’ to update your contact and address information.


Please note that billing and shipping details are different options.


How can I receive your newsletters, emails, and notifications?

  1. Why subscribe to the Zeroscraps Newsletter? Can I provide feedback?

From time to time, Zeroscraps will send newsletters with updates on website modifications that benefit our customers. These newsletters help us improve your Zeroscraps online shopping experience by providing informative communication.


I welcome your feedback too. Please click ‘Your Feedback’ on our homepage to provide Zeroscraps feedback on your purchasing experience.


  1. Can I unsubscribe newsletters and promotions?

Yes, you can unsubscribe from Zeroscraps emails and promotions by clicking the link at the bottom of each email.