Launch a School Composting Program: Immerse students in the world of composting and divert organic waste from landfills.

Launch a School Composting Program: Immerse students in the world of composting and divert organic waste from landfills.

a. Student Workshops:

Engage students through interactive workshops highlighting the significance of composting, the benefits of organic waste recycling, and its contribution to sustainability

b. Establish Composting Infrastructure:

Designate an accessible area within the school grounds for composting. Acquire compost bins or tumblers that suit the school’s needs, ensuring proper labeling and easy access

c. Student and Staff Involvement:

Assign composting responsibilities to students and staff members. Foster participation through friendly competitions or recognition for classrooms or individuals contributing the most organic waste

d. Composting Guidelines:

Provide clear instructions on what can and cannot be composted. Emphasize avoiding meat, dairy, and oily foods. Encourage the use of biodegradable plates and utensils in the cafeteria

e. Utilize the Compost:

Once the compost is ready, utilize it in school gardens or donate it to local community gardens, fostering a sustainable cycle.

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Justin Kelly says:

In an effort to foster a sense of responsibility and environmental consciousness among students, my secondary school recently introduced an innovative initiative – practice lessons for disposing of leftovers. This practice not only aims to reduce food wastage but also instills a crucial life skill that extends beyond the classroom. Having experienced these lessons firsthand, I am thrilled to share my thoughts on their effectiveness and impact.

George Morris says:

As an environmentally-conscious Australian student, I’ve always been on the lookout for practical ways to contribute to a greener future. Discovering the world of worm bins as a method to dispose of organic waste has been an eye-opening experience that not only aligns with my sustainability goals but also provides a tangible and educational approach. Let me share my journey of using worm bins, incorporating a practice handout tailored to Australian students.

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