Large green compost bin on wheels, with a black lid and handle, labeled 'VERMI no food waste' with a worm and apple logo.

The Vermicomposting Large-Size Bin A


Volume: 1100L; Dim: 1090x1360x1390 mm.

  • Can process up to 20.0 kilos of waste per day
  • Made of high-density Polypropylene
  • Equipped with four wheels
  • Features a built-in ventilation system
  • Includes a grid on the bottom half of the bin to allow for continuous use and easy removal of ready-made compost.
  • Equipped with an outgoing tap at the bottom for collecting compost tea.
  • The cover of the bin is secured by cronsteins.
  1. Rolling on wheels with solid rubber tires
    The ZEROSCRAPS container is easy to move with any load to any place and doesn’t cost anything or take any extra work.
    The size and shape of the wheel make it easy to move the bin over rough ground.
    The ZEROSCRAPS bin moves in all directions, turns quickly, and is easy to open.
    Each wheel has its own brake, so there is no chance that the bin will spin or move on its own because of the wind or something else.
  2. Easy access to compost (picture of a bench with a grid inside)
    On the bottom half of the bench, there is a grill. To get in, you put plastic bags on the bottom of the bench. Crossed grid strings lead to the front half of the lane, making it easy to pick up compost from the whole lower area with just a few pulling actions.
    On top of the layers of the grille, the user can put cardboard, small pieces of yard waste that have been crushed, grass, or dirt. This laying is suggested so that compost worms can live in a more natural setting. The layers are pressed down and mixed together to make a uniform compost while worms eat the organic trash, which goes right on the grille. The grid lets you use the bin all the time and take out ready-made waste when you need to.
    Scratching through the front doors at the bottom of the bench makes it easy for the user to take in as much waste as he needs.
  3. An easy way to get compost tea
    With one turn of the hand, the outgoing tap at the bottom of the bin opens and shuts. In the process of treating gout, you don’t have to do anything for the sludge that comes from the compost tea. The sludge system has a special cleaning grille that doesn’t let big pieces of sand or other trash through. Because of this technology, it is rare for a stoppage to happen.
    Through the lower front door of the bin, you can get to the sewer system.
    The melting tap is turned inward, so the bench stays the same size on the outside.
  4. Intensive air
    The built-in ventilation system on the belt cover pulls more air into the belt by force, giving it a natural flow of oxygen.
    So, the bench needs healthy outside air and a light cooling process on top of that for the natural process of gout to happen.
    More addition ventilation halls on the sides of the bin make it easier for air to move around inside the bin.
    This technology helps to improve the microclimate so that organic waste fermentation works well and compost worms can live in a healthy environment.
  5. Fixing the cover of the bin by CronsteinCronstein can hold the lid in whatever way works best for him. This lets you put any amount of waste on a single person and do anything you want with it, like mix it up or line up the top layer of waste.
    A self-focus lid that doesn’t make it hard to get to the lens is very helpful during the operation process.


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The ZEROSCRAPS Bin is made of high-density Polypropylene, has four wheels, and comes in a variety of common colors. It is safe and doesn’t taste bad, and it is also tough and long-lasting. The ZEROSCRAPS container is easy to move with any load to any place and doesn’t cost anything or take any extra work.

By using Zeroscraps, it is possible to load organic waste every day without endangering compost worm digestion or changing their life cycle.
Concerning this item High-density polypropylene, which is non-toxic, tasteless, sturdy, and long-lasting, is used to make the Zeroscraps large size.

Comprehensive Review of ZEROSCRAPS Compost Bin

The high-quality, sturdy, and user-friendly ZEROSCRAPS compost bin composts food scraps and yard trash. This high-density polypropylene container has many features that improve composting, making it a good choice for beginners and experts.

Moveability and flexibility

The ZEROSCRAPS container glides across difficult terrain on four robust wheels. Even when loaded, its robust rubber tires prevent slippage and make moving easy.

Easy Access, Continuous Use

The bin’s design stresses use. A grid on the bottom of the bin permits ongoing use and makes ready-made compost removal easier. Pull the crossed grid strings to access mature compost from the front of the container.

Effective Compost Tea Collection

An outgoing tap at the bottom of the bin simplifies compost tea collection, a nutrient-rich liquid that fertilizes plants. No need to manage compost tea sludge—the tap opens and closes with a turn.

Safe Lid and Ventilation

Cransteins snugly secure the bin’s lid, preventing vermin from entering. The built-in ventilation system promotes natural decomposition and compost worms by maintaining airflow in the bin.

Simple Waste Addition and Mixing

The bench’s bottom front doors make waste addition easy. The grille layers optimize trash stacking, emulating natural composting. Cardboard, crushed yard debris, grass, or dirt can be placed on the grid to house compost worms.

User-Friendly Features

User convenience is the ZEROSCRAPS compost bin’s goal. The inward-turning outgoing tap keeps the bin small, and the self-focusing lid makes it easy to access.

Overall Evaluation

The ZEROSCRAPS compost bin is well-designed and easy to operate. Its durability, mobility, and user-friendliness make it ideal for household and community composting. The ZEROSCRAPS bin helps eco-conscious people and businesses simplify composting and encourage sustainable waste management.

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Large green compost bin on wheels, with a black lid and handle, labeled 'VERMI no food waste' with a worm and apple logo.
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It’s an amazing piece of equipment. The processing of the leftovers produced excellent results. Perfect for our small outdoor area. It is made easier to compost in a way that takes very little time and effort. We use it frequently, and everything that has spent too much time in the refrigerator—vegetables, fruit, paper towels, and anything else—goes into the bucket. It can then be mixed with soil right away after being fully dried and ground up. The unit appears to have been built with very high-quality materials. Our expectations have been met, and we look forward to using it effectively for a number of months. My favorite. The unit has outperformed our expectations in terms of efficiency and durability. Because it was built with high-quality materials, we can use it for a very long time and get the most out of it. I wholeheartedly urge anyone looking for a dependable composting solution to use it.

My friend, who owns a restaurant, recommended it to me. I was impressed by how they handled food residues and waste. Therefore, I made the decision to purchase it for our school. It is truly environmentally beneficial! For the purpose of planting (transforming food waste into soil), we have cultivated a wide variety of beautiful plants in our school yard. Therefore, the concept of converting food waste into soil is highly valued and embraced. As I mentioned earlier, I appreciate the positive impact it has on the environment, the reduction of waste, the provision of a designated area for garbage, and its organic nature. Anyway, after the bin arrived, we made it a habit to place all the remaining food there every day. A single can of food waste will transform into approximately 300-350 grams of soil, which may seem like a small amount. However, our composting process is quite efficient, although it does take a few days, if not weeks, to fully convert the waste into soil. This is because we have a large composting system to accommodate the substantial amount of plants we grow, including broccoli seedlings, reds, tomatoes, and various vegetables. As a result, we are able to obtain the soil as needed, ensuring a steady supply for our gardening needs. I would like to discuss the importance of engaging in planting and gardening on the school site. This practice is highly beneficial in the long term for several reasons. Firstly, it helps create a pleasant and healthy environment. Secondly, it allows you to have a better understanding of the soil composition. Lastly, it can lead to significant cost savings. Could you please consider saving space for garbage? Additionally, it would be greatly appreciated if we could focus on educating our next generation. Thank you. This is what we should prioritize teaching our children. Anyway, I would like to express my satisfaction with the product and state that I have never had any regrets about my decision to purchase it.

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